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Permanent Cosmetics can be a great solution for people looking to save time or enhance their appearance.

Permanent cosmetics includes hair simulation, using semi-permanent cosmetic pigment to effectively mimic your own naturally growing brow hair. Choosing permanent eyeliner or lip color gives us a sense of natural beauty without the daily application of cosmetics or make-up.

Permanent Cosmetics Services
Offered at Makeup by Monica are:

  • Eyebrow Restoration
  • Permanent Eyeliner
  • Permanent Lip Color


Cosmetic Solutions for Thinning or Missing Eyebrows

Makeup by Monica hair simulation brow artistry is the fastest and most realistic technique available to restore or repair missing eyebrows for men and women.

Hair simulation is a the art of using semi-permanent cosmetic pigment to effectively mimic your own naturally growing brow hair. The missing hair is visually replaced by delicately drawing one individual hair at a time into the areas of the brow where the client is missing hair.

The final artistry is blended with any remaining natural hair, by “layering” 3 to 4 tones of color throughout the brow area. Each client receives customized artistry designed to correct, reshape or restore their brows into a more pleasing facial feature. This service is ideal for partial or total hair loss. The finished brows look completely natural and requires no further cosmetic enhancement.

Eyebrow Restoration Services are ideal for:

  • Busy People
  • Athletes
  • The elderly
  • Over-tweezed brows
  • Hair loss from cancer
  • Hair loss from medication
  • Hair loss from thyroid
  • Individuals with Vision Impairment
  • Individuals with shaky hands
  • Tricotillomania


Customized Eye and Lash-line Enhancement Services

Makeup by Monica offers many contemporary styles of eyeliner and lash-line enhancement services. Permanent Eyeliner does not smudge or smear and provides years of maintenance free enjoyment.

Whether you prefer a “barely there” effect – thin, thick or smudgy eyeliner, we customize the artistry to the individual design requirements of our clients. Permanent eyeliner can enhance skimpy lash-lines and make even the thinnest lashes look thicker, fuller and darker.

Permanent Eyeliner and Lash-line enhancement services are ideal for:

  • Active Lifestyles
  • Allergy sufferers
  • After Cancer
  • Thyroid Lash loss
  • Alopecia (All types)
  • Chronic Dry Eye
  • Vision impairment
  • Individuals with shaky hands
  • Tricotillamania


Enhancement Services for Lip Shape, Color & Volume

Permanent lip enhancement provides the ideal cosmetic solution for women who want to wake-up everyday with beautiful lip color that doesn’t bleed or disappear. Allure Cosmetics and Spa offers a customized palette of enhanced natural lip tones, or we can blend colors to match a favorite lipstick shade. Our permanent lip artistry can easily correct or enhance thin lips, irregular lip lines, or restore lost lip pigmentation.

Permanent Lip Color enhancement services are ideal for:

  • Thin lip lines
  • Irregular lip lines
  • Asymmetry concerns
  • Surgery scars
  • Shaky hands or paralysis
  • Accident scars
  • Loss of color
  • Loss of volume
  • Fine lines around mouth
  • Vitiligo


If you’d like to learn more about how permanent cosmetics, please visit: The Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals.

If you have any additional questions about permanent makeup and whether it’s the right choice for you, or would like a consult about having permanent makeup applied, please contact Makeup by Monica:

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